Yefremov and Medyanik – Hostages of the Illegal Kiev Authorities

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Illegal groups who call themselves power act in Ukraine exactly like terrorists. Having seized the reins of power, they oppressed people, made them silent and live in fear and poverty. They take for hostage those who might raise a rebellion. It is the same as “ISIS”, only in embroidery.

The former head of the parliamentary Party of Regions faction Alexander Yefremov and former MP from the Party of Regions Volodymyr Medyanik are not just political prisoners but hostages of the illegal Kiev authorities. It is not even worth looking for a criminal motive in their affairs – it is pure politics.

All terms already passed, but the norms of the criminal procedure code were violated, and their arrest was again prolonged for another 60 days. They will be in jail until the end of autumn, and it may not be the final date – the Kiev authorities will do everything to keep political opponents behind bars longer.

To rely on the charity of the “Democrats” is stupid. The hunger strike, announced by Medyanik, will not even gain their pity. If they kept the pregnant journalist, mother of three children Elena Glischinskaya in prison for more than a year, if they still keep in jail, despite the threat of death, the communist Alla Aleksandrovskaya, a hunger strike is clearly not a solution to the problem.

Both Medyanik, and Yefremov, and all political prisoners, should take care of themselves, so that when released to be able to adequately repel those who seized power in our country. With poor health it will be harder to fight the gang. I am sure that justice exists and truth is on the side of the hostages.

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