“You Don’t Even Know the Lord’s Prayer, Yet Came to Decide Church Affairs?”: How Orthodox Believers in Vinnytsia Put “Right Sector” Militants in Their Place

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Representatives of “Right Sector” came to tell believers which Church is better, but weren’t able to read either “Nicene Creed” or the “Lord’s Prayer”

A fragment of a conversation between the clergy and laity of the Vinnytsia diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church with representatives of Right Sector during the rally of nationalists “Switch to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine” surfaced on the Internet.

Those who came to convince Orthodox believers to switch to the newly created OCU could not recite either “Nicene Creed” nor the “Lord’s Prayer”, reported one of the YouTube channels.

“I go to my temple”, said a participant of the nationalist rally after being asked whether or not he is wearing a cross around his neck.

As it turned out, the fighter for the OCU doesn’t even wear a cross.

“I left it at home”, explained the young nationalist.

The believers of Vinnytsia, in turn, were surprised at how someone who doesn’t even know the “Lord’s Prayer” can speak about the canons of the Church.

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