Young ATO Soldier Head-Butted a Ukrainian General For Defending the St. George’s Ribbon

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Kiev House of Officers during a meeting of the public council at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine there was a brawl between General Viktor Paliy and the veteran of military operations in Donbass. The young militaryman struck the senior officer after the latter objected to the former’s comment about St. George’s Ribbons, which the participant of the ATO called a Kolorad ribbon.

After the speech of the militaryman at the meeting of Council, several high-ranking officers approached him, including Paliy, who is his direct head, reports “Russian Dialogue”.

General Paliy and some more officers indignantly reacted to a speech of the participant of the ATO in Donbass, having declared that wearing a St. George’s Ribbon was always honourable for serviceman, and nobody gave him the right to call a symbol of victory over fascism as “Kolorad”.

The militaryman speaking from the tribune did not want to enter into a skirmish with his commander, so he just silently hit General Paliy, head-butting him. The attacker was immediately stopped by guards, and afterwards he was brought out of the room by law enforcement officers.

The militaryman who hit the General was Dmitry Reznichenko – a Ukrainian nationalist who in 2014 went to fight in the zone of armed conflict in Donbass as a part of one of the voluntary battalions, and nowadays heads the public organization “New Fire”.

“Went to a veterans organisation meeting”


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