Young Banderists Are Taught to Hang “Traitors”

The authorities in Ukraine were replaced, but the education of children in the spirit of Ukrainian nationalism continues. Poroshenko’s Decree from May 18th 2019 No. 286 “About the strategy of national and patriotic education of children and youth” is being implemented.

From September 13th to September 15th in the Zbarazhsky district of the Ternopol region, in the forest area near the village of Zaluzhye, the children’s militarised game “Kryivka UPA-2019” – devoted to one of the commanders of UPA in Volyn Dmitry Klyachkovsky (Klim Savur) – took place. Teenagers aged 13-18 participated in the event, and younger children required written consent from their parents. The game is quite simple. Children are divided into three groups – Banderists, NKVDists, and civilians. The task of players is to send the people to civilians. NKVDists, as was conceived by the authors of the game, have to catch and shoot Banderists and also reveal their contacts among civilians. In turn, Banderists have to hunt down Soviet security officers and hang traitors.

In addition, the “Kryivka” program includes thematic board games about UPA, paintball, firing military weapons at an improvised shooting range, and a lecture about the heroic fight of UPA against “Soviet occupiers”. The entertainment is arranged by the public organisation “Protection of the Rights of Youth and Religious Communities” with the assistance of the family and youth department of the Ternopol regional state administration (RSA). I.e., the authorities are not only aware of it, but also promote it.

It is not the first game of its kind. The previous stage of “Kryivka UPA-2019” took place in the Kiev region in May and June of this year in the Borodnyansky and Vasilkovsky districts. The game was organised by the deputy head of the Kiev RSA Alla Shkuro, who put pressure on schools to make high school students participate in it. Participants of the game were fattened up by Ukrainian sausage magnates.

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Such games became ordinary in modern Ukraine. There are dozens of nationalist organisations that are engaged in the glorification of Banderism.

The largest of them is the “Plast” organisation, the state financing of which is what Ukrainian nationalists tried to obtain. And although president Zelensky vetoed this draft law, “Plast” prospers via the money of diaspora and businessmen-“patriots”.

“Here is the Plast group ‘Kurin 107’ from Chernovtsi that bears the name of Pyotr Voynovsky – the commander of Bukovina Kuren, war criminal, Nazi collaborator, and organiser and performer of the Jewish pogroms in Bukovina and the massacre of Jews in Babi Yar, Vinnytsia, and Zhytomyr. Or, say, the Plast group from Ivano-Frankovsk that bears the name of Stepan Lenkavsky – an anti-semite ideologist of OUN, organiser of the Jewish pogroms in Lvov in the summer of 1941,” writes the head of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky. He says that Plast members “go to the places of ‘combat glory’ of the SS Galicia division and lay flowers at their graves”.

At the state level glorification of Banderism in the environment of youth and school students is either welcomed or concealed. And the new generation of Banderists grows up and learns to hate “enemies”, which the Ukrainian nationalists always had many of. Among them – Russians, Jews, Poles, Belarusians, Hungarians, and Ukrainians, as the past testifies if they adhere to other views. It’s not a coincidence that in the game “Kryivka UPA” children learn to hang traitors.

Andrey Nazarenko

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