“Your Corrupt Policies Destroy France”: Prominent Yellow Vests Respond to the Interior Minister’s Threats

Two key figures of the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) movement, Maxime Nicolle and Eric Drouet, have reacted to the televised speech of the neoliberal Minister of the Interior, who specifically mentioned them and implied that they may face criminal and financial penalties for what happened on March 16th, even though it’s a proven fact that Fouquet’s restaurant was set on fire by the Minister’s own police force.

During his speech on March 18th on the pro-Macron “LCI” channel, the notorious Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner spoke about the two main media figures of the Yellow Vests – Nicolle and Drouet. Describing them as “operetta revolutionaries” and considering that they are to blame for everything that happened, Castaner urged to prosecute them, both penal and pecuniary.

I hope not only that there is criminal prosecution. But it is also necessary that they be held accountable financially

Maxime Nicolle responded to the threats of Castaner by saying:

“Mr Castaner,

You point out that you want to punish those who want to destroy the republic and its institutions, I remind you that only those who represent the people make the decisions, so it appears to be clear that the sale of French property, the repression of a part of the people who are suffering, and the wounded, maimed, disabled in the dozens is the result of your work!

It also appears to be clear that citizens would have no reason to go out onto the street if your policies were designed for the human and not for finance!

All of this breakage and unleashing of anger could have been largely avoided!!

I wish, like many Yellow Vests, to restore justice in this country.
Stop lying! Stop mutilating! Stop responding to the distress of citizens with violence!

You invoke article 40 … Well, do it, I stand at the disposal of the law, this does not prevent my determination to defend myself against your corrupt policies that destroy this country and a large part of the citizens and their daily lives!

You speak of courage …. and what do we have to assume responsibility for!?

So yes, I assume the responsibility of being committed to defending the honour of people both in precarious situations and situations that are even worse than precarious today!

I assume the responsibility of being present at every event and take the risk of being mutilated or even worse!

I assume the responsibility of having warned your Minister Mr Madjoubi about the consequences of your repression in messages, and this I did on many occasions. This minister to who you have also kindly asked not to have dialogue with me anymore ….

I assume the responsibility of not giving up anything and wanting our country and its institutions to not be violated and flouted by your team of corrupt politicians!

Your courage is shown in your fist shaking, in your speeches void of any moral sense, in insolent and disrespectful tweets, and by personal behavior that is far from being a model to follow.

Finally and to end, to think that to putting pseudo pressure on me will stop a movement that was born due to your incompetence, and which has no leader, is not only to make another strategical mistake, but even more serious – it is to believe that you will silence those who have opened their eyes and learned not to shut up!

I wish for everyone that this government is quickly stopped and the destruction of our country by elites sold to capital and shareholders stops as soon as possible …


The response of Eric Drouet:

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“Does the State – Mr. Castaner, Mr. Macron, Édouard Philippe – realise that its even more repressive measures gives us even more strength every time it speaks or tries to destroy the movement.

How do you want to calm the people by restricting them more and more; by mistreating them; by smashing and gassing them; by despising and insulting them; by saying that there are chiefs or leaders who assemble the rest of the Yellow Vest like sheep or followers.

Is this how the government – Macron, Castaner, and Édouard Philippe – intend to calm a movement like ours?

After 18 weeks the only response of the State is the firmness of police repression and judicial repression??

After this Act 18 there hasn’t been a single word sounded towards the Yellow Vests in order to find a solution, to reach an agreement, or make one key announcement!

While the Paris Airport and French lottery games have been sold by the vote of the barely 20 deputies present at this time?? Perhaps you still haven’t learned the lesson concerning the toll roads??

Is this the France that you want to pass down to your children??”

Less than 24 hours after Drouet made this post his car and home were vandalised over night. What a coincidence…

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