Youth Organizations Posted Bail of Lugansk Ultras & Gave Them LPR Flags

Translated by Nikita Che 


The LPR Ministry of State Security transferred to court the case of fans of FC Zarya “Black-White Ultras” who worked for UAF reconnaissance, the LIC reported on November 24th.

Two leaders of the organization, Vladislav Ovcharenko and Artyom Akhmetov,  are charged with “high treason”, in the forms of espionage and insulting the LPR flag.

One of the detained, Dmitry Kramarenko, stated that he and his friends refused the offer of the Azov Battalion to be swapped for some residents of the Republic who were captured by Kiev troops.

“The Azov Battalion offered to swap us for captured people who are on the side of Ukraine, we feel it to be an insult,” the LIC quotes Kramarenko as saying. “We don’t want to live in Ukraine, we want to live in Lugansk, that’s our home, we grew here up and we’ll stay here.”

He also added that he admits to the Republic and its residents the guiltiness of the “ultras”. “We didn’t guess that Ukrainian secret services just used us as their puppets.”

Another “ultra”, Vyacheslav Ukrainsky, apologized to the Republic’s residents for their actions.

“We apologize to all the Republic’s residents. I also want to say sorry to all my peers who survived shelling, who lost their homes because of Kiev authorities. Please don’t turn your backs on us, we are sorry that we supported all these things. We promise to be decent Republic citizens,” the LIC quotes him as saying.

Aleksandr Ermolenko, chairman of the Youth Council of the LPR Trade Union, suggested in the name of all youth to help bail them out.

“Being young, many people make mistakes. But Lugansk youth differs to Kiev youth, by its reset. We re-evaluated, or appreciated anew,  some things, some values we have. Any life of our citizens is precious, especially a young life. I hope the guys will do it, and we are ready to help them, by bailing them out.”

The “ultras” also received an LPR flag instead of that one they burned down previously during one of their actions.

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