YouTube Removed Video of French War Correspondent in Donbass For Showing the Truth About “Azov” in Mariupol

NEW – March 13, 2022

Arthur escaped from Mariupol – his revelations about Azov (deleted version from YouTube)

His testimony was “cut” from YouTube, but our message is still there… Here is the original text that was under the Youtube video:

The testimony of Artur, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian (he shows his ID card in the video), who recently fled from Mariupol, a port city in eastern Ukraine, currently surrounded by the Russian army. According to Artur, civilians cannot leave the city, as theoretically allowed by the Russian army, through humanitarian corridors, because they will be prevented by soldiers of the “Azov” battalion, who are openly neo-Nazi paramilitary units supported by the Ukrainian regime.

Here is a transcription of what Arthur says in the video:

Anne-Laure: Were there any violations against the residents of Mariupol and by whom?

Arthur: Yes, of course there were, this (regiment) Azov beat (civilians) and did not let them out, occupied (civilian) buildings, sometimes made it impossible to move or leave Mariupol to safe areas. Other than into Ukraine, they (Azov) did not let [people] out, because their policy was to prevent any exit to avoid that they themselves were killed on the spot, they use the civilian population as a shield.

Translator: How did you get out?

Arthur: By the sea.

Anne-Laure: Did the Russians shoot at the population?

Arthur: No, it absolutely never happened.

Anne-Laure Bonnel is a French war correspondent and documentary film director, known for her 2016 documentary Donbass (viewable below) and for her 2020 documentary Silence in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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