Yulia Vityazeva: How to Become the Enemy of Ukraine – Manual for the Lazy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



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I am the enemy of Ukraine. I even have a certificate. Attested to by the maggots from “Mirotvorets”.

“Assistant of Russian occupiers. Anti-Ukrainian propagandist. Separatist.

Takes an active part in Anti-Ukrainian propaganda on Russian TV. Observer of the so-called ‘information agency News Front’. DoB: 25.06.1981; State Register of Natural Persons: 2976111047; Social network pages: Uses the pseudonym Vityazeva Yuliya.”

How did I come to such a life?! Well, it’s elementary.

I didn’t accept Maidan. Absolutely. Moreover, I actively opposed it, reminding all those who were joyfully jumping that any revolution ends in civil war. Thus, I didn’t hide my sentiments, by which I constantly attracted the attention of adherents of the sect of “witnesses of Ukraine without Yanukovych”.

Then everything became even simpler.

And today it is possible to safely announce the entire list of the main signs that, if present, automatically make you the enemy of Ukraine.

For this it is enough to simple consider that:

  1. Maidan is not revolution of dignity, but a coup d’etat. 
  2. Crimea is Russia. And there was not an annexation, but the people’s will. 
  3. In the East of Ukraine there is civil war. The ATO and “Russian aggression” are invented exclusively to manipulate the consciousness of Ukrainians, to beg the West for money, and as a pretext for sanctions. 
  4. Ukraine is completely under external management. The legend of independence is used for the uninterrupted influence on the herd of sheep ready on the first call to go for slaughter. 
  5. Donbass will never return to the structure of Ukraine. All talk on the contrary is nothing more than a lie, gibberish, and a provocation. 
  6. The Boeing was shot down by Ukraine. 
  7. Poroshenko is a shyster, war criminal, and the worst thing that could have happened to Ukraine. 
  8. The main enemy of Ukraine is not Russia, but its own authorities, and the whole pack of “activists”, “volunteers”, “patriots”, and pot-headed idiots that were set loose from Maidan. 
  9. The road to Europe leads to a swamp, which the country plunges into more and more deeper, losing hope for a rescue. 
  10. In the country there is a dictatorship, and not a democracy; censorship and repressions, and not freedom of speech; corruption, and not “improvement”; genocide, and not reforms; Galician Nazism, and not patriotism.
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There is a mass of other things declared by Ukraine, the denial of which makes you the “enemy”. However, today it is possible to simply be Russian. Not according to a passport. According to the state of soul. And simply to be proud of it. And simply to go to Crimea. And simply to write on social networks that the bridge exists, and that Putin is the best.

So, at that very moment when you will press the option “publish” — you will become the enemy of Ukraine. Definitively and irrevocably.

From now on and forever.

And this will grant them the exclusive right to pour damnations on you, to rejoice in your sorrows, to threaten you with various punishments and to wish you and your country to disappear from the face of the earth as soon as possible.

But you are the enemy, which regularly tries to cause damage to their already fragile illusory world and the same “reputation”.

However, there is one “but” … It is possible to put the whole world on the lists of “enemies”. But what will it change?! Will black become white?! Well, maybe only in a sick and inflamed consciousness.

And yes! To fight against enemies, including them on lists of persona non-grata and blocking them on Facebook — it is interesting, but what great virtual victories on virtual fronts of war with the “aggressor” will it lead to?! And, the most important thing — how will it reflect on the real life of the ordinary Ukrainian?!

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However, I start asking typical “enemy” questions. For real, authentic, and racially-correct patriots such things aren’t recommended. It is like this that they live.

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