Yulia Vityazeva: The Russian Fifth Column’s Hysterics About “Wagner Mercenaries” in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Taking into account the information that “hundreds of Russian mercenaries of Wagner” perished due to an American airstrike in Syria is already similar to hysterics, I will try to explain why I have the opinion that all of this is nothing less than a lie, babble, and a provocation.

On February 9th, CBS News with reference to a representative of the Pentagon reports that “Russian mercenaries” may be in Syria in the zone of the retaliatory strike conducted by the US-led international coalition on February 7th.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t have paid special attention to this “victory” if it wasn’t for Mr. Strelkov (Girkin) making a rather loud statement on his VK page the day before.

[It should be noted that Strelkov’s post oozes sarcasm, which is difficult to convey via translation, and in general mocks Russia]

“I ask those who are going to Syria to make money to pay attention to this. According to a reliable source, there aren’t indeed any official Russian troops in the zone of the strike conducted by the US (perhaps, there already ‘aren’t’ any, or they weren’t numerous). However, ‘under the guise of Syrians’, the losses of who are estimated at 100. Two tactical units of ‘Wagner’ were subjected to US airstrikes. One of them is practically completely destroyed, the second was blown to smithereens. The losses, most likely, are very close to the mentioned figure. But of course, they [Russia – ed] aren’t going to start WW3 just because of some 100 simultaneously killed Russians, are they? Especially since some of them aren’t even Russians. And there aren’t any troops from the Russian Federation amongst them. Or maybe there weren’t any in general? The answer is clear in advance. We wait for a continuation of the ‘victories’ of the Nanogenius [Putin – ed].”

It is precisely via his impetus that the topic about the death of a huge number of citizens of the Russian Federation started. Moreover, the direct accusation aimed at the Ministry of Defence – that it hides these losses – was the main accent of this report. “The Motherland will abandon you, son” is one of the most beloved slogans of the Russian oppositional liberals and raguls [Ukrainians – ed] who sit with them in the same trench. By the way, it is curious that it is precisely Girkin’s statements that even terrorist militants on Telegram rely on! As for the Pentagon, whose statement also appeared after Girkin’s publications, decide for yourself who is whose agent and who works for who.

For reference: On February 8th, the Ministry of Defence reported the absence of military servicemen of the Russian Federation in the area of the coalition’s airstrike. The Russian military in Syria didn’t suffer as a result of blow of the coalition led by the USA on the Syrian government troops. “Russian military personnel aren’t present in this area of the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor,” reported “Interfax” with reference to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

But it already wasn’t possible to stop “people rumouring. As of this moment “authoritative” experts from Twitter and Facebook already write that the number of losses exceeded 500.

Oleg Ponomar [pro-Ukraine]: “…In response to this, the US Airforce and western coalition conducted a retaliatory strike, and up to 500 military servicemen of Assad-Russian forces were destroyed.”

And the greater the number became, the stronger confidence grew that this entire story has nothing in common with reality. You remember, as Bulgakov said: “The more alive and colourful those heinous details that the administrator embellished his story with were … the less the financial director trusted the story-teller”.

What got confused in this entire story from the very beginning is the lack of any photo or video material. When our Su-25 was downed, literally within the hour there were photos and the already familiar to all videos of the tragic death of our pilot. But here – silence. Wounded pro-Assad Syrian units – yes, but ours – no.

[Photos show injured soldiers from the Syrian “ISIS Hunters” brigade, which was heavily affected by the US airstrike]

And this, considering the passion of terrorists for boasting, seemed very strange. Especially if the question concerns such figures. A huge number of killed and wounded plus crushed armored machinery — the temptation is too great to document all this with a phone and to upload publicly.

But here, finally, yesterday a photo with the caption “a column of Russians destroyed by the American Air Force near Deir Ezzor” appeared on one of the Telegram accounts of terrorists.

Literally in a few minutes the post was removed, but I managed to copy the photo.

Which appeared to be a not too successful photoshop joining … the Martian desert and (attention!) destroyed equipment from the Izvarino cauldron [Donbass; encircled Ukrainian troops – ed]!

According to the laws of the genre, at this moment there must be a stage curtain and sparse applause for the not very talented masters of photoshop. However, the topic about “Wagner’s mercenaries” continues to lead its life on open spaces of the Internet. Simply because some want to rejoice over our “losses”, and anothers — to receive more evidence that Putin once again committed treason.

I don’t undertake to declare everything above as the truth in the final instance. But even the smallest lie gives rise to very big suspicion. On the basis of which the conclusion arises about another informational provocation designed to bring a distemper in our minds, to force to doubt the honesty of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and simply to pour another barrel of dirt on the Syrian policy of Putin.

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