Yulia Vityazeva: Skripal’s Poisoning – The West’s Simple & Effective Way of Tainting Putin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



It is known for certain that Russophobia is dangerous for mental health. However, recently we could clearly see that Russophobia is also life-threatening.

Being desperate to destroy Russia via sanctions, to destroy it from within and to conquer it using weapons, the West has only one chance left to deal with the uncomfortable rival – to make it “toxic”. Namely – to spoil its reputation and to bring it under the article “international terrorism”. It is precisely for this purpose that the howling about genocide, which Russians allegedly staged in Ukraine and in Syria, is made. It is precisely for this purpose that the delirium appeared concerning interference in elections. It is precisely for this purpose that Nemtsov, Politkovskaya, and Litvinenko were killed. And it is precisely for this purpose that, being desperate on the threshold of elections to “catch” Putin committing any slightly serious crime, Skripal – who has long been irrelevant and a spent force – was poisoned.

And there is no doubt that during the next 6 years of Putin’s presidency, the collective West will not abandon attempts to accuse the President of the Russian Federation of all mortal sins and grave crimes. But since after hearing in the address to the Federal Assembly that an open military confrontation disappears for obvious reasons, so they will prefer to act from afar.

And namely – periodically some “enemy of Putin” who moved to the West will die a painful death under mysterious circumstances. After all, according to primitive Western thinking designed for the primitive layman, it will be possible to remind the world about the totalitarian habits of the new “bloody dictator” and to impose new sanctions under this cover. Simply because Russia is not going to annex Europe or at least the Baltics, it learned how to cope with old sanctions, and a formal pretext is needed to introduce new ones. Yet the murder of some blabbermouth – who writes “Putin is sh*t” on Facebook three times a day, declared himself a personal enemy of Putin, and lives under the noses of Western intelligence agencies – is a simple, cheap, and effective way to screw Russia. Especially since the scheme is already well-established and worked out. At first, the unfortunate victim will start being spun in the media, then they will start to talk about threats made in their direction, and then – boom, they are killed! And already before the beginning of the investigation everybody on cue will know who did it.

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Of course, nobody will sever relations with Russia because of another slain idiot, but, as the saying goes, feelings of animosity will remain.

It’s simple maths. European sanctions are in general extended every six months. The American ones were introduced for a year. I.e. during six years of Putin’s presidency, a minimum of 6 to 12 “oppositionsists”, ardent anti-Putinists, and outright traitors must die. For the sake of the great purpose of making America great again.

So, everyone who today actively sh*ts on Russia and has or had citizenship of the Russian Federation has a reason to think long and hard. On the territory of Russia they have at least some security guarantees. This same Navalny is protected by the Federal Security Service like he’s goldust. Not because they have warm feelings for him, but because his murder is the easiest and most effective way of Western masters using his “political capital”.

“Scandals of the month before elections:
‘PMC Wagner’, East Ghouta, Argentine cocaine, the ‘witness’ Nastya Rybka, the poisoned defector in Britain. It’s a compact bunch.
PS. Interestingly, does Navalny at least mentally thank the Federal Security Service for their around the clock protection of his worthless life?”

But beyond the borders of the Russian Federation it isn’t possible to protect every idiot.

That’s why this category becomes available for carrying out provocations. In this regard every “overexposed oppositionist” should think long and hard about their future prospects, and either reduce their Russophobic fervor and halt their train of thought, or flee – back to Russia, which paradoxically for the next 6 years will become the safest country for this category of pseudo-truth tellers.

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