Yury Kot: SBU Prepares the Murder of Navalny in Order to Blame Putin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Kot

One more of my sources at the SBU confirmed that Nemtsov’s murder is the work of SBU employees, who on the same day very quietly departed to Kiev from Moscow…

The level of preparation of the SBU mustn’t be underestimated. I will say more – the source whispered to me that a new sabotage is being prepared… Alexey Navalny is the next one who shall be loudly eliminated with accusations against the Kremlin.

Today the SBU is the center of control and organisation for sabotage in Russia, supervised by the CIA. Who do you think set the fields ablaze near Rostov? And who organised telephone sabotage in Moscow? Futher, there will be only more.

SBU employees won’t work by themselves – they will use the hands of fanatics from far-right groups. Voronenkov can serve as an example.

It is Ponomarev who connects these two events. Ilya not only is involved in Voronenkov’s murder, since he brought him to the place where the crime was committed. Ponomarev is also a source of financing for the opposition using allegedly Khodorkovsky’s money, which enters Russia through Ukraine. And one of the still recognisable and inflated oppositionists is Alexey Navalny, who receives money from Ponomarev. He, the idiot, does not even understand that his masters already sentenced him and lead him, the sheep, to the slaughter.

Alexey. You perfectly know that I am right. That it is precisely from Ponomarev that money comes to you via connections. Keep in mind, they sentenced you and the plan of your sacral elimination before elections is already developed to accuse Putin.

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