Yury Selivanov: When Fear Attacks in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Bodies of power, punitive justice, and “activists” of the usurper regime, in a lightning order and absolutely synchronously, as if on command, reacted to the demarche of the Odessa City Council concerning the canceling of the resolution of the former governor Saakashvili on the renaming of Odessa’s streets in a Banderist and Russophobic way, which was voluntarily adopted without consulting the inhabitants of Odessa.

The governor of Odessa region Maksim Stepanov, whose political and ideological ambitions weren’t noticed till now, instantly threatened Deputies with the intervention of “competent bodies”. The local Prosecutor’s Office immediately announced the opening of a criminal case against the Odessa authorities regarding “communist propaganda”. The odious adviser of Avakov, Internet-patroller Gerashchenko, promised to involve the SBU and counterintelligence in the investigation of this “sabotage“. And the “democratic community” immediately predicted “large-scale provocations” on May 2nd if the city hall doesn’t cancel the decision.

A day didn’t pass since the beginning of this “artillery preparation” before the Primorsky court of Odessa recognized as illegal and cancelled the decision of the Odessa City Council on renaming the streets of Odessa.

Thus, on the eve of the third anniversary of the Odessa Massacre the Kiev authorities conducted some kind of juridical “blitzkrieg” against Odessa, and quite successfully quelled the “revolt-on-the-knees undertaken by local authorities”. I.e., according to their understanding “it provided public order”, which some high foreign instances also recently called for.

Against such a “favorable background” the regime makes further efforts on the complete neutralization of the protest activeness of the inhabitants of Odessa. Significant forces of various police and punisher formations are pulled to the city, which without any shame, in the style of typical invaders, show their force to the local population.

The intimidation of citizens goes according to the already-developed scheme. For sur e already soon the square of Kulikovo Field “will be mined”, which nobody will be allowed on, except police dogs. And the people who came to the place of the mass execution of their fellow countrymen will be forced to lay flowers somewhere in neighboring bushes, which is what happened last year.

And if somebody tries to state their discontent with such arbitrariness, they will be politely reminded that it is done for the purpose of “maintaining public order”. Of course, this is their understanding, which allows to create horrors similar to the Odessa Massacre with impunity, to stop any attempts of Odessa’s inhabitants to defend their opinion and to frighten people with armed-to-the-teeth punishers. Such is the “snout” of this regime. And it will never be anything else.

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