Yury Selivanov: One Step Away From the Point of No Return

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Truly, the “main vital interest” of the US consists of leaving Russia alone

So, both chambers American Congress approved another sanctions bill, one of main targets of which is Russia. This topic, in principle, is so over-chewed and sat on by flies that it seems that journalists that respect themselves must refrain from participating in the general hubbub on this occasion. And believe me, I would behave like that if I had no reason to look at this topic from a not-completely-ordinary angle, which, in my opinion, is, generally speaking, the most important thing for understanding the main essence of the current US and to make an assessment of the probable future of Russian-American relations.

Let’s pay attention how this new, not yet signed by President Trump, anti-Russian, and at the same time — anti-Iranian and anti-North Korean — bill is called. And it is called very directly and frankly – “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”.

It’s like saying – you will die before it is called something better. Pay attention: in the name of this act there isn’t even a slight hint at international law; that the US is orientated towards the legal principles and norms of the relations common for all States and intends to fight against its violators. There is nothing of the kind here! On the contrary – the name of this document unambiguously makes it clear what exactly is regarded here as something of paramount importance by its authors. The slogan that is promoted by them about “countering America’s adversaries” is irrespective of the fact of whether these “adversaries” are right or not. And directly specifies that for the American authorities this in general isn’t important at all. You are already not right because your position doesn’t correspond to the interests of the US. Period! Such is the leitmotif of this law, which is extremely clearly expressed in its name. If the Americans thought somehow differently, they would for certain insert in the title something spirit-lifting, like a reference to this same international law. But America spits on it, which she once again proved.

I can’t imagine that, for example, the Russian State Duma would adopt a document with such a substandard, at the level of concepts of criminal brotherhood, title – “Countering Russia’s Adversaries”. For certain the Duma members would attribute something about a violation of the UN charter and the fundamental precepts of law.

And this is not simply a matter of wording, BUT a reflection of a fundamental difference in the historical-philosophical and psychologically mental foundations of two actually opposite civilizations. One of which is Russian and orthodox, which from time immemorial was built on the principles of humanity, collectivism, and justice, and the other, since the its first days of existence, didn’t recognise anything other than the right of force and zoological egoism.

Any understanding of the surrounding world other than exclusively predatory and consumerist is deeply alien to the western mentality based on the grabbing reflex, pushed to perfection during centuries of colonial robbery. That’s why they perceive relations with other countries solely from the point of view of the level of threat to their own interests. And it became ingrained in them so deeply that even this spiritually primitive nation forms their official documents in the style of a quarrel in a children’s sandbox – about countering everyone opponents with an exception, all the “guilt” of which consists in the fact that they dare to contradict the interests of America.

And if only this was an isolated case! Alas, but this is a mental standard adopted by almost everyone in the US. Here is, for example, the US President Donald Trump a few weeks ago also stated something similar. “We call on Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and to end its support for hostile regimes, including in Syria and Iran,” he said during a speech in Poland. Besides this, he expressed the desire for Russia to “join the community of responsible nations in the fight against our common enemies and in defence of civilization itself”.

Pay attention! Instead of urging Russia to follow international law, or, at worst, the universal principles of humanity and justice, the US President simply called not to support regimes hostile to the US itself. Just like that – simply and without embarrassment! Don’t be on friendly terms with those who American doesn’t like, and everything will be roses – such is the extremely simple approach of Washington to international law! What do you think, will a President with such a mentality refuse to sign a law based on exactly the same outlook? In any case, I will be very surprised if he will behave in this way.

In America in general there is nobody who would be capable of loudly objecting to such an approach. The psychology of a pack of wolves for which everything was reduced to the right of the US itself to do on this planet anything they want, it doesn’t predispose to such quixotic deeds in any way. Especially as everyone who doesn’t agree with it instantly becomes “America’s adversariesin relation to who all means are good.

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And here is more proof of this mass psychosis on the grounds of being a superpower:

“These three regimes (Russia, North Korea, Iran – ed) in different parts of the world are threatening vital US interests, and they are destabilizing their neighbors,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.) said Tuesday.

As you can see – this same abstruse song about certain foggy “vital interests” of the US, among which, if you so desire, it is possible to write down anything. And not even the slightest hint at the rights and duties obligatory for all countries of a world. According to this logic, it is precisely Russia that destabilizes the situation in Ukraine. But the US, which, according to the recognition of their own President [Obama – ed], “brokered a change of power in Ukraine” (i.e. actually staged an armed coup there), has nothing to do with it [the situation in Ukraine – ed] at all – it appears they simply handed out cookies on Kiev’s Maidan.

Or here again:

“Those who threaten America and our interests should take notice — your actions have consequences,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy…

This is the head of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy. And again – not the slightest hint at the legality and the standard world norms. It is enough for you to simply “threaten” any interests of the US – it is even unimportant what interests exactly, i.e. in general, any of them – and you will be automatically labeled as “America’s adversary” and attempts will be made to remove you from this world by all means.

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Such quotes from the American thoughtway can be presented infinitely. And in reality they are all like this. I.e. in front of us is quite a pathological megalomania and self-exclusivity, the carriers of which, like all maniacs, in principle don’t realize their state that is sick and dangerous to society. But on the contrary, they are sure that it is they who are the entirely normal ones. And all others only engage in machinations and issuing threats to them.

Moreover, unlike an everyday medical case, in principle there isn’t anybody to treat this self-sustaining mass psychosis, because here we are dealing with the strongest military power in the world, because of which this syndrome of permissiveness developed on the basis of its omnipotence. And if that’s the case, then, as we know, you can’t chop wood with a penknife, so it turns out what to cure this illness that is dangerous for the whole world is practically impossible using sparing “therapeutic” methods.

Understanding of this fact – that the West, which got the bit between its teeth, will continue to become more impudent, undermining international law in the name of their “vital interests” – becomes more and more clear and certain, which in particular, the position of the leadership of Russia, which literally every day becomes more and more rigid, testifies to. The words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that were heard the other day became brighter confirmation of this:

“As you know, our behavior is very restrained, patient, but at some point we will have to come up with a response. It is impossible to endlessly endure impudence towards our country…”

Many are not inclined to attach such great significance to this fire in the voice, which obviously started to be present in the speeches of the Russian leader. You will say that all of this existed earlier too, and that harsh speeches aren’t an equivalent of resolute actions. But I wouldn’t begin to hurry with such short-sighted conclusions. The known proverb, the justness of which was confirmed by history more than once, says: “The Russians are slow to saddle up, but ride fast!”. And I am afraid that those in the West who, owing to their natural ignorance and the following from it absolute ignorance of character of the Russian person, take this “slow saddling up” for indecision, or even for the inability of Russia to resist to them, are very strongly and perhaps even fatally mistaken.

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Moscow, being by nature one of the most grown wise from experience capitals of the world, simply doesn’t hurry to react to everyday “grimaces and hops” of their foes. But if the latter, because of their own folly, really exhaust the patience of the Russian bear, it will definitely not seem like minutia for them. And in this case there is a good chance the West can say goodbye to their main “vital interest”, which is its own existence.

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