Yury Selivanov: The Perpetual Circle of Lying

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



American politicians tell the truth either before taking office, or after resignation. And it’s far from being always the case…

Over 24 hours three American politicians simultaneously demonstrated three most typical models of their behavior concerning the world around them. We will consider them in more detail because, in our opinion, in this trinity there is the basis of the main and ineradicable viciousness of American foreign policy of the past, of the present, and of the future.

So, first model:

“The primary US objective during the 2003 invasion of Iraq was not bringing democracy to the Middle Eastern country, but to oust Saddam Hussein, said the American former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who at that time was the adviser to the President for national security. ‘We didn’t go to Iraq to bring democracy. We went to Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein … It was a security problem,’ claims the former adviser to the US President.”

Here in front of us is a peculiar sample of a self-interested half-truth. Condoleezza Rice is ready to recognize that the official slogan of that time – about the liberation of Iraqis from a dictatorship for the sake of their familiarizing with American democracy – was defective. And it is clear why she does this. It would be simply ridiculous from her side to insist that in present day Iraq, a crushed and destroyed by war and lawlessness country, democracy triumphs. Rice obviously doesn’t want to be laughed at and heckled.

Nevertheless, in what concerns her own “domain” — national security, she continues to lie godlessly, claiming that Iraq was a security problem for the US. The whole world knows the shameful story with false test tubes in which allegedly there was an Iraqi chemical weapon. The world also knows about the fact that Americans themselves in the captured-by-them Iraq didn’t find any threat to America. But if Rice means a threat to regional security by Iraq, for example, by the same Arabian monarchy, so the question arises – and what has the US got to do with any of this here in general, situated far over the ocean? Wouldn’t it be better for America to not stick their nose where it isn’t wanted? And Arabs would somehow find understanding among themselves.

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So, the case of Rice is a shameless lie even after resignation, mostly for the sake of the defence of the “esprit de corps” of the US and her own decent place in history.

So conclusion No. 1. There is only harm to the rest of the world from such a position of the American politician, because they aren’t inclined to recognize even those mistakes that were made far back in the past. And this, in fact, pushes America to its repetition.

Second case:

“The head of the US State Department Rex Tillerson claims that the ‘intervention’ of Moscow in the American elections allegedly is ‘well documented’. He said that in the relations of the two countries there is a ‘number of important issues’, including ‘interference in elections’. ‘I think it’s been well documented,’ said the head of the State Department. According to him, the US ‘very well understands the nature of this interference here and elsewhere’.”

In this case, we have an affair with the most typical manner of behavior of acting American officials — to voice absolutely unfounded declarations, without troubling itself with even a minimum set of proof. It is in general a classic of US foreign policy. Washington so got used to lying godlessly that they even are surprised when they are demanded to confirm their conjectures with concrete facts. And start in the most shameful manner wriggling and dodging when they are pushed into a corner.

As it recently happened to the permanent representative of the US at the UN Nikki Haley. When she began to loudly accuse Russia and Syria of a chemical attack against civilians, she was asked, what proof does the US have at its disposal. On what Mrs. Haley, having looked down her nose, murmured that there is proof, but they super-confidential because it is intelligence information, and promised that they will be presented to the world. Already two months have passed since this day. The world is still waiting for the proof. And it is already clear that it won’t arrive. Because it was pure lies. And such cases of the refined falsity of official US representatives are many hundreds. It is simpler to count how many times they told the world the truth.

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Conclusion No. 2. The tactics of a total lie as the basis of relations of America with the world, is harmful and extremely dangerous for mankind by definition. There is nothing to prove here. Alas, but practically all acting American officials consider this tactic nearly as the most effective and adhere to it in the absolute majority of cases. Thus, they base this on the fact that their lie, of course, will become obvious over time, but by then it will have already fulfilled its office role and will allow Washington to achieve their momentary objectives. Alas, but it is necessary to state that it is precisely with a global lie as the basis of foreign policy of the US that the world deals with today and, in fact, always has. I.e. everyone who tries to estimate the actions of America in the world should understand that it, first of all, deals with a big and extremely bold lie.

And, at last, the third case. Also absolutely typical and not very useful for the rest of the world, as well as the previous two:

“Russian-American relations only worsened after the coming to power of President Donald Trump. Such an opinion was expressed by the former Minister of Defence of the US Robert Gates. According to him, the new US administration, despite the fact that Trump speaks about an intention to normalize relations with Moscow, ‘doesn’t do the Russians any favours’. Gates also accused Russia of interfering in the course of elections in the West, but added that it was provoked by the actions of the US. Washington ‘in essence opposed the re-election campaign’ of President Vladimir Putin in 2012, the Russian leader ‘saw the US being behind all the color revolutions in Eastern Europe, Georgia and in Ukraine’, Gates believes. According to the former Minister of Defence, Putin’s opinion ‘was that the West has been interfering in his politics for years… and he strategically decided to turn the tables, to do everything that in his power … to try to show to rest of the world that the western elections are illegitimate’.”

Conclusion No. 3: As we can see, the former US Minister of Defence wasn’t ashamed to say aloud that in the government in Washington it is customary to hide rigourously. And more precisely – about the fact that it is America itself, and not some external forces, whether it be Iraq, North Korea, or Russia, is the main disturber of tranquillity, the provoker of wars, mass violence, and bloodshed around the world.

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Is there a need to say to what extent such a point of view is concerned, from the perspective of the acting authorities in the US, is seditious and subversive? After all, it literally doesn’t leave a stone unturned from the official American version about the “shining temple of democracy on the hill exhaling the light of the final truth and bearing prosperity to all mankind”.

It is only deep pensioners that are capable of exposing such revelations in America. And even then, not all of them. Robert Gates, to his honor, appeared to be one of them. And this, certainly, beautifies him. But, one more time, alas! And this case in respect of its usefulness for the world practically has no meaning. What is the benefit from these overdue recognitions if the same Gates, after being for many years the head of the CIA and the Minister of Defence of the US, having served faithfully, without affording any revelations, served this same global American lie that he now in the latter years of his life so convincingly exposes! Having being one of the largest officials of the US, he gagged himself with a rag, and did precisely what demanded of him. And it is exactly like this that whole legions of the American officials act, who are “in the line of duty” and receive a “salary” for this. None of them will never even peep against this completely false policy of their country until this silence and obedience are paid with high positions and fees.

Thus, three main options of typical behavior of American politicians that we observed give the grounds for rather depressing conclusions. In front of us, in fact, is a vicious circle of lying, which is broken, and even not always, and only in those cases when it is already too late to correct something. We have to live with this, and this, as a minimum, should be well understood.

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