Yury Selivanov: Refreshing the Memory of Ukrainian “Judeobanderists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The historical film epic that doesn’t exist, but should have been created long ago…

In front of you is a historical fact that represents a ready scenario for an epic film drama, deadly for the present Ukrainian Nazis and their Jewish [Judeobanderists – ed] acolytes like Poroshenko, Groysman, Frotman [Tyagnibok – ed], Gurvits, Kolomoisky, and other turncoats.

It is about an uprising of the residents of the small town of Kremenets (Ternopol region), mainly Jews, against Hitler’s occupiers and their local Ukrainian henchmen in August, 1942.

The date especially impresses. It was the time of the greatest military success of Hitler when, seemingly, there were no hopes for liberation and the whole of Europe lay at his feet in fear and silence. The world-famous uprising in the Warsaw ghetto took place nearly a year later, already after the defeat of fascists near Stalingrad.

And in these conditions – full hopelessness and despair, the inhabitants of the ghetto of Kremenets didn’t go under the Nazi knife resignedly, and took up arms. For example, even though I graduated from a department of history, I knew nothing about this and other similar facts, which, as it turns out, there are dozens of. Alas, but Soviet education also had its own specifics.

Unfortunately, I have no contacts in the world of big cinema. Steven Spielberg is a big expert on the subject of the Holocaust and a master of historical eposes, but it’s unlikely that he can help in this case. It’s unlikely that a Hollywood director will make such a movie that will be politically incorrect for today’s Ukraine – a vassal of the US.

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Maybe a reader will have ideas and proposals concerning this? I will be very grateful.

The uprising of Jews in the deep rear of the Germans in 1942. All were shot. (information from the “Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia”):

“In 1939, after the establishment in the city of the Soviet authorities, Jewish cultural activity was forbidden. By June, 1941, the Jewish population of Kremenets increased by 4,000 people due to refugees from Poland occupied by Germany. During the occupation of Kremenets by Germans (on July 22nd, 1941) hundreds of young Jews fled to the non-occupied regions of the Soviet Union. At the end of July, 1941, about 800 Jews were killed by Ukrainian nationalists with the help of the Germans. The central synagogue was burned, and Jews had to pay Germans a contribution with money and things. The Judenrat was created, the head of which Dr. Ben Zion Katz was executed by the Germans for refusing to provide lists of able-bodied Jews. In 1942 a ghetto was organised in Kremenets. In the ghetto groups of resistance were created. On August 10th, 1942 the ghetto uprising broke out, and it was quelled by the Germans on August 12th. On August 18th-19th, 1942 the inhabitants of the ghetto were shot near the railway station. During deportation many Jews preferred to commit suicide and jumped off their balconies. Christian witnesses reported about the courageous behavior of Jews.”

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