Yury Selivanov: Why the West Hasn’t Bombed Russia Yet

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The modern Arab world is a warning for Russian civilization against a repetition of its flawed and tragic path

Recently the military aircraft of the so-called “anti-terrorist coalition”, or in other words – the US Air Force, struck another blow to the territory of Syria. This time the hospital in the settlement Abukamal [Deir Ezzor province – ed] was subjected to bombing. As a result six people were killed and ten received wounds. Over the past month it is already the fourth airstrike in which peaceful citizens have died. Then it became known about US airstrikes on houses in the city of al-Mayadeen in the north of Syria, as a result of which ten people died, including five children.

It should be noted that the Americans methodically transform Syrians into bloody forcemeat, without having for this even the most minimum legislative basis. As is known, the US army operates on the territory of Syria absolutely illegally, without the sanction of the authorities of this country.

In fact, the US does everything it wants, commits any atrocities without considering at all neither the sovereignty of this State nor the right of its population to live.

But even this American lawlessness in Syria is only a small part of that iceberg of total violence and arbitrariness that the policy of the US for all the huge Arab world consists of. What didn’t America do there in recent years?! Military aggression against Libya under a fabricated pretext that everyone already forgot about, with the subsequent total destruction of this country and the murder of tens of thousands of its citizens. The so-called “Arab spring”, i.e. a series of mutinies all over the Arab East, which America immediately backed in the most open and impudent way. It is enough to remember the Egyptian revolt against President Mubarak organized by western experts in the organization of “Twitter revolutions”. The bloody drama of Yemen, where the American dog also rummaged through thoroughly, proceeds to this day. About Syria it was already said above, and it is the real deification of the quite fascist American policy of the mass destruction of Arabs, which isn’t burdened even by the most delicate hint of international law and humanity.

Thus it is characteristic that Arabs themselves are almost not capable of showing adequate resistance to the western aggressor, carrying out in most cases the role of a punch bag with which Americans workout.

Why did such a thing become possible? Why in their life did the large and possessing huge spiritual, demographic, and economic potential Arab world turn out to be incapable of giving a worthy repulse to the western aggressor and to put an end to its lawless inference in their lives?

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I don’t think that the correct answer to this question will present the reader with too much difficulty. The main reasons, as is said, lie on the surface. The Arab world is historically split, divided into various patchwork States, which sometimes differ from each other perhaps only by the surnames of their owners. And, nevertheless, they often have enmity among themselves even more than with their common western adversary – which is absolutely alien to the Arab world in its geopolitical aims, mentality, and historical nature.

Most likely nobody ever will collect and present to mankind that very daunting puzzle cryptogram that during centuries, already since the times of the crusades, is the western policy “Divide and conquer!” concerning the Arab East. But the fact that many things, if not all of them, in this East still happen within the framework of the specified algorithm is quite obvious.

By and large, Arabs back then suffered a defeat of historical scale in the confrontation with the West and allowed it to “arrange” the Arab world in the way most convenient for the West. I.e. to divide this almost genetically, linguistically, historically, culturally, and spiritually uniform Big Middle Eastern people into a heap of various, constantly conflicting among themselves quasi-States, which, owing to their extremely weak viability, are compelled to be constantly dependent on the West, which the latter always tries to achieve from them.

Here is, actually, all simple mechanics of the western control over the Big Arab world, which allows the controlling side to create in relation to it any lawlessness, up to a full demolition, or the redrawing of States existing here and the mass extermination of the local population – carried out either by the hands of western mercenaries known in the world as “ISIS terrorists”, or directly by means of American bombs and missiles.

For certain I wouldn’t be peddling to you old stuff if I said that the “Divide and conquer!” policy isn’t a specific anti-Arab invention of the West at all, and it is widely used by the West also in a number of other similar cases.

Here also nobody will ever reveal for you the secrets shrouded in darkness. Nevertheless, obvious results speak for themselves. The people of the once uniform and rather powerful Slavic-Russian civilization are nowadays no less separated and fragmented than Arabs. And at times, like in the case with the Russian Federation and Ukraine, are even being turned against each other, despite all wildness of a situation in which one Russians clobber exactly the same Russians.

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And all this, like in the case with Arabs, happens under the West’s wild applause, which doesn’t miss any opportunity in order to hammer the wedge of inter-slavic hostility deeper, and isn’t ashamed to declare openly that it will never and not under any circumstances allow the restoration of our unity. Its interest here is exactly the same as it is in the Arab East, which, as we know, is the main world oil province, and which the West completely controls today, being the supreme arbitrator and the main manager of destinies of local weak-willed or completely crushed Arab countries.

Russian Eurasia is a much richer world natural storeroom. And the methods that the West uses to conquer it are the same – “Divide and conquer!” To find a rather small number of local bastards, traitors, and simply fools and to pay them the necessary money doesn’t constitute any work for the West. For example — the West spent only 5 billion dollars for the entire “Ukrainian revolution”, according to its own recognition. And recently in Singapore one multi-storied parking lot in the city center was bought for three billion dollars!

And now we will answer perhaps the main question. What is the main difference between the present condition of the Arab world and the condition of the Eurasian-Slavic space? The difference in its most obvious form is that the West doesn’t bomb and shoot us at point-blank, as it is done with Arabs in Syria and in other States that were “made happy” by its “democracy”.

Why does this difference exist? I hope that it won’t enter anybody’s mind to explain it as the West simply loves Russians more than Arabs, and in general doesn’t consider the latter as people, and that’s why it behaves there with outrageous lawlessness.

Russian people have already had many occasions to evaluate the “humanity” and “love” of the West towards Slavic civilization, which these same Hitler’s Nazis not long ago were exterminating by fire and sword, having in advance sentenced all of us to death. So history doesn’t give a reason to doubt the murderous potential of the West in relation to Russians.

So why haven’t they bombed us yet, unlike the Arabs? The answer, in my opinion, is quite unambiguous. Because we, from their point of view, aren’t yet weak and divided enough for this. We, still, have a nuclear weapon, in front of which the West feels deadly fear. And it still, despite all the West’s efforts, is in the hands of those who are ready to use it. And yes! Despite all western intrigues and their sneaky and even subcutaneous “Divide and conquer!” policy, we are still rather united and rallied – however strange and surprising it may seem to someone.

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Even relations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which seem to be completely poisoned, by and large can confirm it. During three years the Kiev regime – bought to its root by the West – strained with the last bit of strength to kindle the flame of full-scale Russian-Russian war. But it barely smolders. And not least because tens of millions of Russian people from both sides don’t wish to kill their close relatives, as strong as America desires is.

While they instead wish to go in large quantities to make money in Russia and in large quantities to have a rest on the beaches of Russian Crimea. Because deep down they don’t see Russia as the enemy, regardless of how much the propaganda of Kiev tries to hammer this thought into them.

I will continue. And this barely smoldering war is possible so far only because the West doesn’t risk to participate in it itself. As soon as it passes this Rubicon, and the American aircraft bomb, for example, Kharkov, like how they currently bomb Syrian cities, then the result of this can become the reunification of all Russians – irrespective of the color of their passport – in front of the immemorial western adversary.

The West is afraid of this almost more than they are of the Russian atomic bomb. That’s why they don’t risk to their push luck.

Thus – the conclusion is obvious. Russian civilization, even in its present condition, differs a lot from the Arabs by its strength and absence of deep, insuperable division. Thanks to this it is still capable of extinguishing and overcoming even the most serious internal collisions and conflicts.

It is precisely for this reason that the West isn’t ready today to smear us into bloody porridge, as it does with Arabs. But as soon as it will be convinced that our strength is weakened to the level of satisfactory-for-it damage, and our unity definitively failed, we in its eyes will already differ from the unfortunate Arabs in nothing. Both we and our cities exactly in the same way will start to be burned uncountably by bombs and missiles, just like those same Syrians. Because the only difference between us is in the fact that we are still able to destroy the West, and the Arab world already can’t. Also it will be hardly wise from our side to follow this example of self-destructive powerlessness.

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