Zakhar Prilepin: The Aim of Malorossiya Is a Unified State With Russia and Belarus

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Famous writer and zampolit of the battalion of the DPR army Zakhar Prilepin in an exclusive interview with ‘KP’ spoke about how he sees the new government of Malorossiya. Recall that the authorities of the DPR announced its creation on July 18th.

Aleksandr Kots: This statement is not unexpected for you?

Zakhar Prilepin: “No, we really wanted to make a surprise for both Moscow and Washington, and, of course, for Kiev, primarily. And for Odessa, and Kharkov. And I see what is happening. People in general already understand the historicism of this event, but I think that several officials stand by windows in Kiev and want to jump out shouting ‘Russians are coming!'”

Zakhar, explain please why and why now?

“Well, because this topic has ripened. Because we observed the current suicide of Ukraine for the past three years and solved current military, diplomatic, political, and other tasks. And we have amassed forces. Now Donetsk absolutely seriously on all grounds suggests that it is able to take upon it the functions of the capital and is willing to provide law and order with the help of its Armed Forces in any of the territories of the Ukraine.”

Zakhar, what regions currently have joined Malorossiya? From where were the representatives?

“I think there were representatives from all regions, but they spoke from Kiev, from Odessa, from Dnepropetrovsk, from Kharkov.”

What borders what Malorossiya have? And what borders does it now have?

“Zakharchenko said that we won’t give up on Lvov either. Within the borders of the current, called-until-July 18th Ukraine. And then there is just the issue of establishing the administration…”

And is it right to say that the LPR and the DPR is now united into one State?

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“No, I think it is too early to say this. Well, it is Donetsk that announced it is ready to take the function of the capital upon itself. And there are some questions that are already private, concerning Lugansk, Poltava, and Zaporizhia, and I think we will discuss them.”

What will happen with the Minsk Agreements?

“The constitutional act that we announced and adopted unanimously, in fact, absolutely fits in the with Minsk Agreements. Moreover, Donetsk cedes some preferences that we have under the Minsk Agreements in order to create a common State. Firstly, we in fact cease to be separatists, so we can’t be called this, because we stand for a united State. And of course certainly we stop being ‘terrorists’ because we stand for a peaceful solution, and we even proposed the necessary document for this. Donetsk refuses many preferences in order to simply dissolve itself in the overall fullness of malorossiyan statehood.”

I.e., it is already not the course for the accession to Russia, but for an independent, big State?

“This is an independent State, which, of course, aims at the creation of the Unified States of Malorossiya, Belarus, and Russia.”

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