Zakhar Prilepin: People Who Predicted the Handing Over of Donbass Were Mistaken, and Continue to Be

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


People who predicted the handing over of Donbass were mistaken in 2014, and are still mistaken now. Donetsk and Lugansk will inevitably become “one of the components of Russian statehood”. This was said by the writer Zakhar Prilepin at a press conference in the capital of the DPR.

“I’m engaged not only in literature but also sociology and political activity. According to closed polls in Ukraine, rating of the Ukrainian government is falling, and the rating of the authorities in Donbass grows. And this is very frightening for the current President Poroshenko. He looks at these ratings, and cries and drinks.

Already in the summer of 2014, I said and wrote that the territory of Donbass will only expand, and that no one will hand over Donbass. At this time, many didn’t think that Donbass would withstand. And many openly gloated, saying that everything will be handed over and sold. As it turned out, they were wrong.

In predicting the further development of the situation now, I can repeat what I said back then. The territory of Donbass will only expand, Donbass will inevitably become one of the components of Russian statehood. This prediction is projected not with intuition, but with common sense.

Everything that was done here is impossible to hand over. Russia is behind us, of course. And there, there’s at least one person who wholeheartedly is on our side, and his name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Therefore we mustn’t be orientated towards Makarevich, there are more serious people there,” said Prilepin.

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