Zakharchenko: Donetsk became symbol of fight for freedom and outpost of Russian world

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko congratulated residents of the capital on City Day today, and thanked Donetsk citizens for their support, courage, and commitment to excellence. The text of the congratulatory address of the leader of the Republic was received by the Donetsk News Agency.

“For me, as probably for most Donetsk citizens, Donetsk is more than simply a city. It is the Homeland, it is the earth of my ancestors, it is an outpost of the Russian world. It is the city in which our children and grandchildren live in. Today, Donetsk became a symbol of the fight for freedom. It became a real Hero city,” Zakharchenko emphasized.

According to him, during the conflict Donetsk became a target more than once for the Armed Forces of Kiev, who with criminal cruelty and cynicism in 2014 started firing at the city for the opposition of the population to the Ukrainian nazi power.

“But we didn’t break, we stood, our city didn’t obey the enemy. Even in days of the most severe attacks, Donetsk lived. It lived thanks to you, dear fellow countrymen. It remained pure, municipal services, transport, the enterprises worked. People did everything to preserve their native city,” the Head of the Republic noted.

He added that today the capital of the DPR is promptly developing, new enterprises and plants are opening. Development of the region’s economy by the authorities is considered as one of the key tasks. On the occasion of the 147th anniversary of the founding of Donetsk, the leader of Donbass wished citizens good health, success, wellbeing, and the peaceful sky over their head. 

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