Zakharchenko: Odessa Wakes up, Kiev Will Be Next

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Residents of Odessa on May 2nd, on the anniversary of massacre of citizens by Ukrainian nazis in the Trade Unions Building, came to Kulikovo field, despite the intimidation of security officers serving Petro Poroshenko’s regime. In the same way there will be inhabitants of Kiev in large quantities for the announced procession of the “immortal regiment” on May 9th.

This was stated by the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko at a press conference in Donetsk.

“Look at Odessa. For two weeks the city was intimidated, military equipment was moved around the city, but this is by the by. On May 2nd more than 6000 came to the Trade Unions Building. Kiev should reflect on this. People start to wake up, people stop to be afraid of the power,” he said, reports the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“This is a already war not between Kiev and Donbass. This war is ongoing in the hearts of everyone. The war for history, for memory of their ancestors, for the opportunity to visit graves, on many of which there are red stars. For children who will remember their great-grandfathers,” stressed Zakharchenko.

“Khrushchev forgave the banderists who weren’t finished off, while it was necessary for all these ‘mice’ sitting in the caches to remain there forever. It is crude to speak like that, but you know, it’s not even hatred that I feel for them – it is impossible to hate a spider, rather, there is a feeling of disgust. But it is necessary to understand that spiders can be poisonous, and it is better to destroy them. That’s why everyone must understand – the First, Second, Third Ukrainian fronts, where ancestors of tens of millions of people fought, cant allow a handful of idiots from OUN to dictate to dictate their terms to all of Kiev. Let Ukrainians remember the glorious past of their ancestors. I think that some part of honor and dignity remains in them,” summarised the head of the DPR.

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