Zakharchenko: Ukraine Attacks Gorlovka in an Attempt to Isolate Donetsk from Lugansk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The aggravation of the situation near Gorlovka can be connected to the fact that the Ukrainian army makes attempts to cut Donetsk off from Lugansk. This was
 stated in the report prepared by the war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov.

“Here is an announcement of wartime: according to the order of the commandant’s office in connection with the aggravated situation because of the shelling entrance doors must be open, and on-door speakerphones  switched-off,” said Sladkov, drawing attention to how the civilians in front Gorlovka live there.

In addition, he managed to communicate with the local resident Nikolay Sheludko, the apartment of who in the past week was struck by a shell twice. “Our saviors, ukrops, Mr. Poroshenko,” replied a pensioner, answering the question of the war correspondent “who shells the city”.

The head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko also spoke to Sladkov and explained why the most critical situation has developed precisely near Gorlovka.

“Most likely the enemy is going to probe our weak spots via reconnaissance. In principle, if to consider that the approach will be successfully executed, then they can break off our connections between Lugansk and Donetsk. This is also why this is happening here. Today the enemy has no forces and opportunities to attack a wide front across all our territory. They can gather together only some units and attack. Most likely – the Svetlodarsk arc, Donetsk, or Dokuchaevsk,” explained the head of the republic.

In addition, he gave answers to the statements sounding from Kiev that in case the UAF occupies the heights around Gorlovka, military personnel of the DPR will scatter.

“These are just the wishes and desires of big Generals of Ukraine who shout that they can destroy and tear us up in two hours. There, go right ahead, guys. Come, you will receive what you deserve, you already got used to this [being encircled – ed],” said Zakharchenko.

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