Zakharchenko: Ukrainian “De-Occupation” Implies the Death of the Population of Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian side is preparing to invade and cleanse all the population of Donbass who are loyal to the DPR. “Peacekeepers” according to the Ukrainian scheme will be used for anything but genuine peace-making in the region.

Such a point of view was voiced by the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko in an interview to the NTV channel, the text version of which “Politnavigator” invites readers to study.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko: “We interpret the introduction of peacekeepers differently: some mean Kosovo or Croatia, while we mean the following: it is the protection of the OSCE mission. It’s not a direct peacekeeping mission. We are ready to discuss with Kiev these conditions concerning the presence of a mission, but I think that Kiev simply vitally needs to take away all the territory, to take borders under its control, and to enter troops.”

Irada Zeynalova: Poroshenko says in the Rada that a bill is being prepared, in which there will be work on the restoration of the sovereignty of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko: “Well, this law absolutely doesn’t suit us. They declare our territory as occupied, and then want to immediately reintegrate it. I.e. what needs to be done at the beginning? To carry out de-occupation, and it implies the death of all who voted in the referendum, who voted for the leader, the people’s council, and also simply civilians. If this law will continue to follow the same course, it is a direct declaration of the genocide of this territory.”

Does this law make everything that we agreed on in Minsk collapse?

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“You perfectly understand that if America is a lover of double standards, then Kiev is an ingenious and unique pupil. For them this doesn’t contradict Minsk. If we speak about certain things, the Normandy Four is immediately conversed, telephone negotiations take place, during which they try to prove that Donbass violates the Minsk Agreements. Let’s immediately understand what Kiev must do. If to follow the chronology of events correctly, it indeed must adopt the law on special status. During these years this law was left to lay somewhere, now it comes to an end, while there is no new law. Second point: nevertheless, you correctly said: there is a need to withdraw troops from the demarcation line, but nobody will do this either. Whether there will be peacekeepers there or not – Kiev is preparing for war. I.e., Kiev desires and sees in its best dream how to ‘jump away’ from these agreements.”

Here there is ceasefire after ceasefire. At first there was the “grain” one, now a “school” one.

“You know, it causes an easy grin, soon it will become an anecdote. All the ceasefires, or rather their names, become already simply ridiculous. In reality there is no school ceasefire. And there wasn’t a grain one also.”

What do you see? Tell us please.

“We see the saturation of the front line by ammunition; attempts to break through the line of our defense. It’s not single or some chaotic things, it is the purposeful verification of our weak places, reconnaissance through attacking.”

How to stop all of this? How to make it so that Donbass can live and be content with how it lives, so that Ukraine can live and be content with how it lives, and they somehow stop all of this?

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“This is a big problem, that’s why the ideal option is to peacefully go our separate ways, to receive independence and for Kiev to recognize it. I think that this opinion will be supported by many people. I think that this opinion will be supported by the very many. And further, we ourselves will decide: with who we want to live; how we want to live; who we will be on friendly terms with; in what State we will be a part of, this is already the personal decision of all residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It is already a referendum and our decision.”

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