Zakharchenko: We Are at War Not With the People of Ukraine, but With the Banderist Kiev Regime

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The head of the DPR commented to “Russian Spring” about the propaganda attacks of Kiev concerning the alleged preparation of shelling of Mariupol during football matches being played there.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, during these days off in Mariupol the matches of another round of the football championship of Ukraine will be held, including matches of the “youth team”, juniors, and so on. In this regard in Ukraine horror stories are being spread that the militiamen of Donbass can open fire at nearly the entire football stadium during matches. How can you comment on this information campaign against you?

“We know that the Kiev regime and the media serving it try to depict an almost cannibal-like image in respect to the militiamen of Donbass. I would say that they measure everything according to themselves.

I want to remind that it isn’t us who shell Ukrainian cities, but it is the UAF and punitive battalions that shell ours. It’s not in Ukraine that children perish from mines and shells, but it is here.

Our position is invariable. We are at war not with the people of Ukraine, but with the Banderist Kiev regime and those Armed Forces that by the order of the regime carry out aggression against the people of Donbass. Moreover, we aren’t fighting against those who participate in peaceful actions — sports, cultural, or educational and others.

So I can report that taking into account another dirty information campaign against us, I already gave the order to completely cease fire on the southern front, i.e. there where Mariupol is situated. And not to succumb to provocations.

Football players and fans, especially the youth, can quietly play football and support their teams. From our side there will be no threat during these days.”

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