Zakharchenko’s Parents Are Proud That Their Son Defended Donbass

The parents of the first Head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko, Vladimir Nikolaevich and Tamara Fedorovna, are proud of the fact that their son became a defender of the people of Donbass. They said this to journalists after the prayer that passed at the grave of the Hero of the Republic at the cemetery “Donetsk Sea” on August 31st.

“I, as a mother, am proud of my son. No, I don’t regret (that he rose in defence of Donbass), he wouldn’t have done it any other way, he grew up in a military family. He wouldn’t have done it in any other way, I wouldn’t have held him back. He decided that it is necessary to help, that it is necessary to defend people, children. He said that he fights for his parents, for the elderly, and wanted peace,” said Tamara Fedorovna.

The DPR Hero’s father said that his son was ordinary in communication and often they exchanged views and asked each other for suggestions. “I told him a lot when he still was little, how my grandfather was at war, my father too. He absorbed it, and it turned out that he became a real soldier,” said Vladimir Nikolaevich, sharing reminiscence with the correspondent of the Donetsk News Agency.

He added that the death of his son became an irreplaceable loss for the family, as well as for all the people who trusted in the ideals that were defended by Zakharchenko.

“I remember his funeral — how many people were there, they cried, embraced us, and thanked us for our son. People don’t forget him, I think that he will remain in the memory of people forever. I am very proud of my son,” said Zakharchenko’s father.

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Recall that on 31.8.2019 a set of events dedicated to the anniversary of the tragic death of the first Head of the DPR were held. Thus, in the morning a monument to Aleksandr Zakharchenko on the Alley of Heroes in the capital’s Park of Lenin Komsomol was unveiled. After that, at the burial site of the hero of the DPR a prayer and a memorial meeting took place. Flowers were also laid at the place of death of Zakharchenko in Donetsk and there was an open air memorial concert.

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