Zakharova Reminded the US About the $500 Million Washington Smuggled Into Russia in 1996

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson reminded the American authorities that about five hundred million dollars were sent to Russia before the 1996 presidential elections. Maria Zakharova said this whilst commenting on the statement of the CIA Director Michael Pompeo that Russia has allegedly tried to undermine democracy in the US for decades.

“Of course, it is strange that Washington forgets that on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia in 1996 the Federal Reserve Bank, under a cover-up, this is a quote: ‘in order to avoid fuss over old hundred-dollar notes’ — brought into the US Embassy in Moscow $500 million in cash,” she said.

According to Zakharova, then the staff of the ambassadorial residency of the CIA for several nights literally slept on bags with cash, guarding them. All this time the money was being taken out from the diplomatic mission in foreign cars, in job lots to specific individuals.

“What at that time was being sponsored by this money — I think that we will also learn about this one day. We will learn about it not in respect of our assumptions — here there is even no need to suppose anything, but with the use of specific names, dates, and mettings,” added Zakharova.

It is known that for a long time the United States has used financial leverages “to correct” political processes in different countries according to their taste. At the same time Russia is nearly in first place on the list of allocations, stressed Zakharova.

“Various States and non-governmental organizations, like ‘Peace Corps’, the US Agency of International Development, National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and many other similar structures for decades tirelessly try to penetrate the Russian political establishment, the media community exerts impact on public opinion,” said the diplomat, having added that according to available data, in the 90’s alone the US spent about $5 billion.

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