Zakharova: The Statement Made by the State Department Is Direct Interference in Elections in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova commented on the statement of the State Department, which expressed concern in connection with the failure of the Central Electoral Commission to register the blogger Alexey Navalny as a candidate at Russian presidential elections because of criminal record.

“And these people were indignant the whole year with the alleged ‘interference’ of Russia in their electoral process?! This announcement of State Department, which will surely not be the only one, is direct interference both in the electoral process and the internal affairs of the State,” wrote Zakharova on her page on Facebook.

The representative of the department was surprised by the words of the State Department about “strict measures” by the Russian government in relation to journalists in Russia.

“Specifically what department applies ‘strict measures concerning dissenting journalists’, and how? The most ridiculous thing is that the same people who just wrapped RT and Sputnik into a foreign agents wrapper, harass Russian media worldwide, and invest huge money in ‘countering Russian propaganda’, naming all who don’t agree with them,” added Zakharova.

Earlier the representative of the State Department Noel Clay said that the American department expresses “its concern in connection with the existing application of strict measures by the Russian government in relation to independent votes — from journalists to civil society activists and oppositional politicians”.

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