Zaporozhye Police Try to Disrupt Events Celebrating Victory Day

From 6 p.m. to this very hour [10 p.m. – ed], cars parked at the office of the Zaporozhye organisation “Victory Regiment”, which has been organising the March of the Immortal Regiment for 4 years, are being searched. More than 20 police officers have sealed off the office. They seized the masks with little stars on them that the organisation bought to distribute to people during the May 9th car rally.

They seized flags, some newspapers, and everything related to the holiday. Allegedly for examination, but the subject of this examination is not clear – there are no prohibited symbols on the seized objects. The only reasonable explanation for these actions is an attempt to disrupt May 9th’s Victory Day car rally.

The head of the Victory Regiment Andrey Ivanov said that for several years he has been holding events with this symbolism and no one has made any complaints. According to him, this did not happen even under Poroshenko.

Pavel Volkov

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