Zelensky And Poroshenko Have Become One Team

There is a lack of desire to believe this, but we will have to: Zelensky and Poroshenko have become one team today. Zelensky consistently continues the policy of Poroshenko, which means that there will be no peace in Donbass. The intensification of military operations in the autumn is inevitable.

“It seems that the truce in Donbass, which has been going on for more than a month, is coming to an end. September 3rd may become not only a day when the fires of mountain ash are burning, but also, alas, the resumption of active hostilities in Donbass.

Yesterday, a sharp statement made by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin went almost unnoticed in the Ukrainian media. He said that Kiev violates the indefinite truce concluded on July 22nd at the TCG meeting in Minsk. Pushilin said that according to his info, Ukraine is engaged in putting active engineering equipment at its positions on the contact line. The DPR records the advance of fortifications (trenches) of the Ukrainian army in the area of the settlement of Shumy in the direction of the arch of the Seversky Donets — Donbass water pipeline, as well as the creation of a new fortification in the Petrovsky district.

Pushilin actually put forward an ultimatum: he threatens to destroy the positions of the Ukrainian army if Kiev does not provide an act on the removal of the erected structures by September 3rd.

Now to the important thing. According to our info, the presence of such works to strengthen the position of Kiev in violation of the agreement is confirmed by the OSCE SMM.

What happens? If the work is actually being carried out, then either the UAF command in the ATO zone is acting contrary to the position of Zelensky, who recently made a number of statements in support of a peaceful way to resolve the conflict, and he simply does not control the UAF. Or, which I do not want to believe, our Ukrainian side is deliberately escalating the situation in Donbass.

Once again, after Pushilin’s statement, the meeting of political advisers in the ‘Normandy Format’, which, after several postponements, was approved, according to the Presidential Administration of Ermak, for September 10th, is also under question.

As we have already written, the communique of the previous such meeting in Berlin on July 3rd is still not agreed, Ukraine has again refused to implement the political part of Minsk, the negotiations have reached an impasse, and the Russian side offers to abandon negotiations in the format of political advisers.

In general, Pushilin’s words can be interpreted in different ways, but taking into account our information from the OSCE SMM, the situation in the run-up to autumn is alarming.”

Renat Kuzmin

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