Zelensky Is Already Involving Martians in the Minsk Process

In the quest to garner votes of the faithful on the eve of local elections on October 25th, the leader of Servant of the People held a meeting with members of the Ukrainian Council of Churches, where he called for their involvement in the work of the Minsk of the Trilateral Contact Group (TAG) in the field of humanitarian affairs, in particular the mutual release of detained persons”.

So to speak, the usual creative approach to the image of “searching for political approaches”. However, in such sensitive and urgent issues as the exchange of prisoners, this is unacceptable – this is the hardships and tears of relatives. This should be done by intermediaries who are trustworthy on both sides of the front line. The canonical church in Ukraine (Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate; UOC-MP) more than once, including in the exchange of prisoners, proved its authority. And what are the chances of other religious organisations being heard by Donbass?

Let’s start with the so-called Holy Church of Ukraine (HCU), whose temples are painted with “icons” of the bombed-to-smithereens pearl of Donetsk – the Sergey Prokofiev airport and the “warriors of light” who performed this blessing in order to educate the unreasonable Donetsk people.

These “icons” were also added to the covers of boxes of the shells that carry the “good news” to the residents of Donbass about their imminent liberation.

So, the head of this HCU Epifany Dumenko (Acting Chairman of the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches) promises a complete victory over the “occupiers”: “Thousands of human lives of the best sons and daughters of our people have already been laid on the altar of independence. Therefore, may the Lord help us to continue on the path of truth, which will lead us to complete victory”. An exceptional kindness! Attributed to the Lord, note. And brotherly-brotherly love for the “co-religionists”: “The state is obliged to help us, because … a powerful enemy is nearby, and its outpost is the UOC (MP)”. Such is “Ukrainian Orthodoxy”.

The HCU, as we know, is the flesh of the renounced father of the “Kiev Patriarchate”. We mean Patriarch Filaret. He was just the other day a prophet: “People in Donbass are suffering because they are guilty!” Their fault is that they “turned away from God, they did not believe and started this fight”. It is touching to hear about “apostasy from God” from the mouth of anathema. And “this fight”, we must understand, is a refusal to submit to the will of those who won the putsch. It looks like a “theological justification” of the dogma “the population of Donbass must wash away with blood the sin of federalisation”.

Well, those who help to “wash away sin” are inhumans from the punitive battalions “Aidar” and “Tornado” – said the spiritual father of Ukraine “Church awards”. He also blessed the open database Mirotvorets at the very hour when Svetlana Pikta, a woman from Kiev who was pregnant with her second twin, was added to it for refusing a charitable contribution for “humanitarian aid” to the punishers in Donbass.

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The “senior bishop of the Church of Evangelical Christians of Ukraine” Mykhailo Panochko (second from the left in the title photo) spoke very much in tune with the “Holy Patriarch” on humanitarian issues. It turns out, according to the teachings of the Pentecostals, all the current troubles of the Donetsk people are due to the fact that they communicated in a language that is different to the state language!

Baptists see the “action of God” in the beating of the guilty in Donbass: “Today is the time of God’s action in the east”.

In May the Strategic Culture Foundation wrote about the Greek Catholics as, perhaps, the most diligent warmongers “cleansing the Ukrainian nation” of Donbass “genetic garbage”. It turned out that it wasn’t for nothing: now these incendiaries are included in the pantheon of Uniate new martyrs.

Over the past five months, during which Zelensky tried to create the appearance of moving along the path of the Minsk Agreements and even withdrew troops from the grey zone to a couple of sites, representatives of the UGCC tirelessly warned him about the “inadmissibility of capitulation” and the need for “war to the bitter end”. The latest victim of such propaganda was a “veteran of the ATO”, who recently self-immolated on Independence Square as a sign of “disagreement with the actions of the authorities, namely the withdrawal of troops on the demarcation line and the creeping occupation of Russia”. And here is an obituary under the threateningly poetic title Torch of Warning from the rector of the Uniate Ukrainian Catholic University, where many hierarchs of the UGCC and rulers of Uniate minds work: “Will Ukrainian society hear the desperate cry of Mykola Nikitenko? And will the President of Ukraine ask his compatriots in the promised poll for the elections on October 25th whether this tragic torch has lit up all the danger from flirting with the aggressor? Difficult questions…”

But there are no difficulties with the mass murder of fellow citizens if they do not agree to accept Uniate values; Uniates, as you know, were the driving force of Maidan, which was not perceived by the Novorossiyan part of Ukraine. By the way, this part – not only Tavrida – is also inhabited by Tatars. Quite densely – in Donbass. Here Zelensky has plans for as many as two spiritual directorates of Muslims in Ukraine. One of them – “Umma” – is more designed for the Crimean Tatars. The broader one, led by Sheikh Ahmed Tamim, is not particularly belligerent. The Sheikh himself, however, in 2014, distinguished himself by his gratitude to the-then head of the National Security Council Turchynov for “agitation of Ukrainian Muslims for active participation in the ATO”. Turchynov announced this Anti-terrorist Operation, and now the “pastor” (by the way, the head of the “Council” of Ukrainian Protestants) needs at least the appearance of support for Muslims for his bloody adventure. For this reason, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine will be perceived in Donbass as a typical Ukrainian denomination, praying not to Christ and not to Allah, but to Mars, which brings war.

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Should the canonical church participate in this doomed ecumenical endeavor? Or is it enough that it is already a member of the Council of the wicked, chaired by “Metropolitan Epifany?!

After all, there was already an experience when the efforts of Metropolitan Onufry, Patriarch Kirill, and Viktor Medvedchuk organized a large-scale exchange of prisoners, but then Petro Poroshenko and “Filaret” Denisenko flaunted in the spotlight. The efforts of the former, of course, were not made in vain – the prisoners were exchanged. However, was it necessary for the bishop to participate in the final low-grade PR performance to increase the approval rating of open enemies of the church? I would like to see this negative experience become useful.

But in Donetsk and Lugansk, even without the help of religious layman Zelensky, they will figure out who to discuss “humanitarian issues” with.

Dmitry Skvortsov

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