Zelensky Loses Credibility: The Odious Gerashchenko Was Appointed as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs

The former people’s deputy Anton Gerashchenko [he is responsible for creating the odious “Mirotvorets” project – ed] was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. This is stated on the Facebook page of the people’s deputy from “European Solidarity” [the new name of Poroshenko’s party – ed] Aleksey Goncharenko, who was present at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 25th.

It is reported that the Cabinet of Ministers supported Anton Gerashchenko’s appointment as the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Gerashchenko is an old colleague of the current Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Also, Sergey Yarovoy remained the First Deputy Interior Minister. In addition to Gerashchenko, Sergey Goncharov, Tatiyana Kovalchuk, Ekaterina Pavluchenko, and Aleksandr Gogilashvili were appointed as Avakov’s deputies.

“Anton Gerashchenko, the initiator of the ‘Mirotvorets’ website, who has repeatedly participated in information campaigns to incite ethnic hatred and enmity in Ukraine over the past 5 years, was appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Perhaps this is compensation to Avakov for the removal of Knyazev and the strengthening of Zelensky’s vertical in the person of Koval. But the credit of trust of Vladimir Zelensky at this rate will be exhausted very quickly. My personal credit, if to be precise.”

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