Zelensky Plans To Launch a Large-Scale Attack on the Moscow Patriarchate

Zelensky really managed to “surpass” his predecessor

Vladimir Zelensky started to enjoy himself after the successful, as he believes, closure of three opposition TV channels. The President of Ukraine really managed to “surpass” his predecessor – Petro Poroshenko, who never dared to take such a step. But the former comedian is not going to stop there. The political strategists of the President’s Office are driving him into a narrow electoral niche of “nationalistic patriotism”.

Therefore, it is quite logical that the next step of Zelensky’s sanctions will be associated with Tomos – another cornerstone of Poroshenko-style propaganda. The President’s Office plans to strike the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. We are talking about the implementation of the norms of the law adopted during the time of Petro Poroshenko, which obliges to rename the Ukrainian Orthodox Church into the “Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine”.

This is done in order to bind the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the “aggressor state” and start, with the support of nationalist radicals, the redistribution of church property. First of all, it is planned to take away the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Holy Dormition Pochayev Lavra from the Church. The corresponding statement has already been made by the leader of the nationalist group “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky.

Korchinsky’s “brothers” have already been noted in the rallies near the “Nash” TV channel, which supported the journalists of the three closed media outlets of Viktor Medvedchuk. Poroshenko did not dare to bring matters with the division of church property to its conclusion. Zelensky, apparently, is preparing to surpass the “Tomos bearer”.

In particular, a letter was published by the “Metropolitan” of the “Holy Church of Ukraine” Epifany, in which he called for “strengthening the counteraction to the hybrid aggression of the Kremlin against Ukraine”. The document emphasises that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “stubbornly ignores the law prescribing to designate the affiliation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the aggressor country”.

Deputy Andrey Derkach, who “is an active Russian agent and for a long time has a significant influence on the structure and leadership of the Moscow Patriarchate”, is named as an accomplice of the “aggressor”.

Epifany asks the president and the US Embassy in Ukraine to “prevent the influence of pro-Russian politicians on the Ukrainian church and to pay attention to this potential threat”. In fact, Epifany asks for sanctions against “pro-Russian agents” and the immediate implementation of the law, which will inevitably lead to the seizure of the main Orthodox shrines in Kiev.

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