Zelensky Published Words of Support for the Nazi Footballer Roman Zozulya

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed support for Albacete player Roman Zozulya in connection with anti-Nazi statements of fans against him in the match of the 20th round of the second division of Spanish football against Rayo Vallecano. He expressed his position on Facebook on December 16th.

Earlier fans of “Rayo Vallecano” called Zozulya a Nazi during the game. Offensive banners were also addressed to him. After the break, Albacete players refused to go out for the second half as a sign of support for their team mate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemned the actions of the fans.

“Roman Zozulya, you are supported not only by your team, you are supported by all of Ukraine! You’re not only a cool football player, you’re a real patriot who loves his country and helps our military. We are with you! I shake your hand!” wrote Zelensky.

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