Zelensky Talked About the Full Impeachment of Biden

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had a scandalous interview with the American TV channel HBO

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had a scandalous interview with the American TV channel HBO. The statements made by Zelensky during the interview, to put it mildly, caused a mixed reaction both in Ukraine and in the US. The idea of communicating with the journalists of a channel close to the Democrats belongs to Andrey Ermak (head of the president’s office). The idea is to convey “positive messages” to the new White House administration.

Note: this is only a clip. The full interview hasn’t been released yet.

Ermak does not manage to establish direct contact with Biden’s entourage. Zelensky is terribly nervous about this, because he is afraid that he will be “overthrown by supporters of Soros and Poroshenko”. Therefore, there was an interview with HBO, in which the President of Ukraine publicly tried to please the US President.

He promised to open criminal cases against those politicians who “interfered in the American election”. In particular, in this context, people’s deputies Andrey Derkach (non-factional) and Aleksandr Dubinsky (still a member of the presidential faction Servant of the People) were mentioned. Zelensky even publicly addressed Biden personally, asking him a frankly stupid question: “Why is Ukraine not yet a member of NATO?”

But, as is often the case, in an attempt to please the “mental comrades from Washington” Zelensky overdid it. In particular, he compared the attempt to seize the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump with the “Ukrainian Maidan” and stressed that “it’s terrible”. As a result, on social networks, patriots massively call the president “a traitor to the ideals of Maidan”. How could you compare Maidan and the “sabbath in the Capitol”? This is different!

Trying to emphasise his readiness to follow the instructions of Washington, the President of Ukraine made a statement regarding Beijing. According to him, as long as he heads the country, the Motor-Sich enterprise will never go to Chinese investors. Zelensky imposed sanctions with the filing of the US against an investor from China, who purchased the company. However, he immediately stressed that China and Ukraine do not have “geopolitical contradictions”.

This caused a negative reaction from HBO journalists, who suggested that Biden and Zelensky “may have friction on the Chinese issue”. Washington insists that Kiev should completely cut off any economic and political relations with Beijing.

If the telephone conversation between the President of Ukraine and US President Biden really took place in a similar vein, then the impeachment procedure can be started against Joe. Zelensky spoke to Trump in much the same way. Promised him to investigate the activities of the Biden family in Ukraine and swore friendship.

Aleksandr Zubchenko

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