Zelensky’s Desperate Step: Why Kiev’s Sabotage Groups Tried to Seize the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

NEW – September 1, 2022

“Kosomolskaya Pravda” military correspondent Aleksandr Kots explains what the plan was to storm the nuclear power plant on the day the IAEA mission arrived

This has never happened before, but here it is again. Ukraine violated agreements. Incredible. Instead of observing the regime of silence in the interests of the IAEA delegation, which intended to visit the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, they decided to attack it, the nuclear power plant.

What an attack! Like in the movies. Well, or as in life, if you are a Gostomel hero. Landing behind enemy lines – what could be better if your goal is to disrupt the visit of specialists to the station, to which the attention of the whole world is riveted. And everything that happens around it is viewed under a microscope.

Ukraine does not have air means of delivering troops, so the independent Special Operations Forces were sent to Energodar on the one hand – by boats, on the other – on two barges. What was the idea of this operation?

Of course, Kiev today is not very interested in having foreign specialists present on the territory of the nuclear power plant who are able to record who is firing near and directly at the station itself. It is not by chance that the Russian side insisted that the mission include ballistics experts who are able to distinguish “they fired at themselves” from terrorist attacks from the other side of the Dnieper (which is still under Kiev’s control).

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Along the way, experts could identify massive violations in the technological chain of nuclear power plants, which appeared long before the arrival of Russia. To be more precise – exactly at the moment when Kiev decided to abandon Russian fuel in favour of the design assemblies of the American Westinghouse Electric. There are big questions about the modernisation of the station for this “upgrade”. As well as to the storage of spent nuclear fuel. And then, you see, plans to create some kind of “dirty bomb” would be revealed, which even the most biased delegation would be difficult to silence.

There is only one way out – Kiev needed to control the work of the IAEA exactly within the framework that is beneficial to Ukraine. That is, either to seize the nuclear power plant, or to disrupt the visit of specialists. Such a desperate step by Zelensky’s command in an attempt to hide the truth about the shelling from the European community.

…The first 60 saboteurs landed at dawn on seven high-speed motorboats to the northeast of the power plant. And under the cover of artillery, which from the other side of the Dnieper brought down fire on Energodar, rushed to storm the facility. At the same time, two barges with the main enemy forces and ammunition came out of Nikopol (controlled by Kiev), which were supposed to approach the Zaporozhye NPP berth exactly to capture the station. Of course, under the circumstances, Russia would hardly have launched large-scale military operations on the territory of the nuclear power plant in front of the IAEA mission.

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But something went wrong. The stormtroopers were blocked and mostly destroyed. Units of the Ministry of Defence, and detachments of the Russian Guard, and aviation, and artillery participated in their defeat. I would venture to assume that the movements of the saboteurs were monitored from the very beginning and they were allowed to go exactly to the place where it was most convenient to eliminate the group.

Energodar this morning. The work of a pair of Ka-52s on the landing of the UAF

Two barges with the main forces were sunk and rest on the bottom of the Dnieper. The Russian Defence Ministry assured that, despite Kiev’s provocations, it controls the situation at the nuclear power plant and is ready to ensure the safety of the IAEA experts. And the mission itself revealed a desire to continue its journey to Energodar. The special operation, which, as they say, was being prepared with the active participation of British intelligence Mi6, failed.

As the Russian paratroopers who made an unprecedented landing at the Gostomel airfield near Kiev in February would say, “learn military affairs in a real way”. Monuments to the author of this saying, however, have long been decommunised in Ukraine.

Aleksandr Kots

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