Zelensky’s Team Continue Poroshenko’s Russophobic Line in New WW2 Propaganda Video

There was a change of government in Ukraine, but the cult of hatred against Russia has remained the same, as has the ideology of Banderism already at the state level.

The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory headed earlier by Vladimir Vyatrovich and now Anton Drobovich, released a controversial video for the upcoming dates of May 8th, which in Ukraine was called “Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation”, and May 9th – Victory Day.

May 9th, though, is mentioned in a negative context, with the apparent purpose of discrediting, and openly calling for the abolition of, the “cult of Victory”. The speaker in the video was the head of the Institute Anton Drobovich himself.

He expressed regret that most Ukrainians still consider May 9th “the day of the Soviet people’s victory over Nazism”, adding that there was still much to be done to “dispel Soviet myths”.

Which, in general, he did, excluding millions of Ukrainians from the Red (Soviet) Army from among Ukrainians, and including the just as numerous fascist collaborators from the UPA and SS divisions.

“Communists and Nazis fought for the domination of Ukraine, who equally did not consider the price of human life. The only truly Ukrainian entity during the war was the liberation movement – people and organisations that fought for the independence of Ukraine from both totalitarian regimes,” said Drobovich.

The rest (i.e., Red Army soldiers, Soviet partisans) were supposed to “fight for other people’s interests”, explained the head of the Institute of National Memory.

He also did not fail to scrub out the contribution of the USSR in the victory over Nazism, saying that it was possible only by “the efforts of the united nations”.

Further, Drobovich did not hesitate to talk about the importance of a peaceful settlement of conflicts between nations and even to declare that Ukraine is cherishing peace.

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“We know the price of war very well, so we cherish peace. The most important lesson of war should not be the cult of victory, but the ability to value peace, categorically and uncompromisingly protecting it. Our memory is a protector against the repetition of such ills,” said Drobovich.

These days, he continued, symbolise not the triumph of the winners over the defeated – “they should remind us of a terrible tragedy, as well as be a warning that conflicts between nations cannot be solved by force.”

“That is exactly why we choose the responsible European model of remembrance ‘Never again’, rather than manipulative agitation ‘We can repeat it’. Only scoundrels or those who do not understand the hell of war can wish for its repetition,” said Drobovich.

Behind this, Drobovich forgot what he said about how important it is to value peace and said that Ukraine is still waging war.

“Now Ukraine is also fighting the aggressor. Today, it is Putin’s Russia, which is encroaching on our territory, trying to destroy the international security system, and threatening peace in Europe. This struggle has been going on every day for 6 years, and we have no right to lose, because just like 75 years ago, we protect our native land,” said Drobovich.

Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov reacted to the video of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

“This is the ‘congratulations’ on Victory Day from the New Vyatrovich. It turns out that ‘the only truly Ukrainian subject during the war was the liberation movement – people and organisations that fought for the independence of Ukraine from both totalitarian regimes.’ I.e., UPA. And the grandparents of most Ukrainians fought ‘for other people’s interests’. And this is said by the head of a state institution! Is Zelensky aware that his grandfather fought against Ukraine? Vyatrovichs change, but the ideology of Banderism continues to steer!” said Kornilov on a social network.

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Former Minister of Justice of Ukraine Elena Lukash was also shocked by the theses in the video. Especially about the role of UPA in World War II.

“In a video created at the expense of taxpayers, Anton Drobovich teaches us:

  • In World War II ‘Ukrainians were forced to fight for other people’s interests’.
  • ‘Both Nazis and Communists’ fought in the Second World War for domination over Ukraine.
  • ‘The only TRULY UKRAINIAN entity during the war was (!) the liberation movement – people and organisations who fought against BOTH totalitarian regimes.’

Read this quote twice. And a third time is even better. Oh, there is scum at the helm. I have no words,” wrote Elena Lukash on Facebook.

“The Maidan elite continues to writhe with the approach of Victory Day. Now the director of National Memory Drobovich said that it is necessary to learn to appreciate peace instead of a cult of victory. He also noted that Ukrainians today, like 75 years ago, protect their native land from the aggressor. If we follow the logic of the official and his heroes, we must admit that 75 years ago Ukraine was protected from the Red Army by the SS ‘Galicia’ and the Schutzmannschaft, together with its European masters. It now becomes clear why Drobovich so dislikes the cult of victory over Nazism. So why are you lying and hiding your true views on May 9th? Celebrate June 22nd!,” wrote the Odessa politician Vyacheslav Azarov, expressing his opinion on a social network.

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