Zelensky’s Team Has No Interest in Trialling Their Murderous Maidan Predecessors

The Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Ruslan Georgiyevich Ryaboshapka, who was appointed on August 29th, said on September 9th that in the near future officials of the highest rank will start to be jailed.

He even said that the forthcoming arrests will be “exquisite”. I assure you in plain text: in Ukraine the traditions of extortion and the embezzlement of public funds are so ancient and strong that each new government has the richest opportunities to lawfully punish the previous ones.

During the Maidans, both in 2004 and in 2014, they assured that they were fighting the corrupt elite — and the Maidan winners stole far more sharply than their predecessors.

But those who captured Kiev via the second Maidan didn’t limit themselves to stuffing their own pockets. This government began with blood! On February 18th 2014 several dozens of Maidan militants were shot from houses occupied by their accomplices. Since then, the authorities have propped themselves up on the back of bloodshed!

The murder of dozens of anti-Maidan protesters via an ambush in the Odessa House of Trade Unions and the burning of the house in order to conceal evidence. The murder of the brilliant publicist — by the way, confident in the need to preserve and develop the identity of Ukrainian culture — Oles Buzina. Many thousands of murders in Donbass.

I will ask in plain text: will Ryaboshapka also “exquisitely jail those responsible for these deaths (and their IDs are known!)? After all, no. They need formalities and not a result. President Zelensky is a walking political technology. It isn’t he who won the election, but the correct PR. And Zelensky’s team will continue as it started. Brightly, convincingly, but not to the point!

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There will be no trials of Parubiy for the executions on Maidan, of Avakov for a protecting the murderers of Buzina, or of Poroshenko for a Donbass covered with the blood of his compatriots.

There won’t be!

Because for a transition to big cases, the clients of political technologists will tear off their heads

But there will certainly be a vivid show with the arrest of some deputy minister for a bribe or kickback. With live-on-air searches and broadcasts from the courtroom. And all of Ukraine will again touchingly believe: Zelensky fights against corruption and in general has a clear conscience. After all, they say the same thing on TV, so it means the truth. Come to your senses!

Anatoly Wasserman

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