Zhitomir Court Extended the Detention of the Journalists Dmitry Vasilets & Evgeny Timonin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



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The Andrushevsky district court of the Zhitomir region extended for two months the measure of restraint of the journalist from Channel 17 Dmitry Vasilets and his colleague Evgeny Timonin, who are accused of complicity in terrorism and separatism.

As the correspondent of “Strana” reports, by a court decision the hearing of witnesses was carried out behind closed doors “for the purpose of ensuring their security”.

“During the adoption of a measure of restraint the guard literally pushed out the journalists from the room,” comments our correspondent.

The lawyer Svetlana Novitskaya also demanded from the court to allow the press into the room, but the judge answered that requests were not presented for this.

“Now in fact it is 1937, it is banal repressions when any person is put in prison and judged in the same way, and actually are accused of high treason and support for terrorism. People are obliged to sit in prison until the end, until all hearings have taken place. While they prolong the judgements, and thus people can remain in prison for years,” Vasilets told journalists.

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