In Zhytomyr a Monument to the Ukrainian Nationalist Olzhych Was Unveiled

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Zhytomyr the ceremonial unveiling of a monument to the figure of OUN Oleg Olzhych (Kandyba) was held. This was reported by the Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Institute Eduard Dolinsky on Facebook.

As Dolinsky writes, Olzhych is one of the authors of the constitution of Ukraine, which refused nationality to Jews.

“As a part of the OUN marching groups, which were created according to an agreement and under the control of the Nazis, arrived in occupied Zhytomyr. In Zhytomyr the agent of the Banderist OUN killed two prominent colleagues of Olzhych – Stsiborsky and Gribovsky. Olzhych organized a court of OUN, in which he in absentia sentenced Bandera and Stetsko to death. The sentence was never carried out. After Zhytomyr, Olzhych, in a German wagon train, arrives in the captured Kiev, where he holds the post of head of ideology at the town council. At this time he, together with Ivan Rohach, organizes the ‘Ukrainskoye Slovo’ newspaper, in which anti-Semitic articles were regularly published. Thus, during the massacre of Jews at Babi Yar the article ‘The Main Enemy of the People is Kikes’ was published in this newspaper. After the arrest of 23 workers of justice from among members of OUN, Olzhych moves to Lvov, where he marries, and in May, 1944, he will be handed over to the Germans. He was arrested and transported to the VIP barracks in Sachsenhausen, where his colleague Stepan Bandera was. Olzhych also died there,” writes Dolinsky.

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