“Zinc Boys” for the UAF: Why Poroshenko Puts Yesterday’s Schoolchildren Under the Gun

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Earlier the President of Ukraine signed a special decree defining an extraordinary appeal for military service. By September 1st the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be filled up by no less than 50,000 recruits. Eligible for recruitment are not only young people aged up to 27, but also teenagers who have only just turned 18. Nationalists vowed to “help the authorities mobilize ‘idlers and potential Moskals'”. Independent sources say that the Ukrainian army looks for “fresh blood”: every third serviceman who previously swore an oath of allegiance to Ukraine rejects the mentioned oath. This situation was studied by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

The other day in Kiev at the building of the administration of the head of the Ukrainian State a quite unusual protest event took place. At least, two hundred women of different ages and social origins demanded that Poroshenko steps down from power and “ceases to mock Ukrainian kids”.

“My son is 25 years old, he ‘managed’ to fall under the new mobilisation rules,” said a participant of the action Nina Shatenko. “I am not afraid to speak about it: he doesn’t have time to finish his University work, where he will write his master’s thesis”.

A representative of the UAF who came to meet the protesters called for calm. In the best traditions of representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he said to the woman: “Your son will defend the government!”. From who and how, it wasn’t mentioned.

“In this specific case the civilized community faces banal propaganda of the collapsing Ukrainian army,” said the lawyer of the highest category Dmitry Aldoshin in comment to the correspondent of FAN. “Certain structures in Kiev want to prove to the world that they can control the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And for this purpose a new mobilization is necessary, which can be masked under an extraordinary appeal.”

“God forbid that those who will fall victim to the new ‘mobilization’ will be brought back in zinc coffins,” said the activist of the civil organization “vzaimoponimanie”, the participant of military operations in Afghanistan Vladimir Yushchuk in a confidential conversation with the correspondent of FAN. “The operating Ukrainian government lies: 90% of ordinary guys who are subject to mobilization will appear in Donbass sooner or later. Young people have no money, in the region they count on a good salary, but this calculation is incorrect: as of yet no simple person has profited from this war”.

And after all there are those who profit. Or at least earn political dividends. The correspondent of FAN met an activist of one of the nationalist groups who on the basis of confidentiality stated verbatim the following: “We will help the government to put under the gun all who will be capable of holding a rifle. Especially yesterday’s school students”.

And this is the truth. Now on the territory of Ukraine more than a hundred so-called patriotic camps operate. The leadership of these structures located on the territory from the Volyn region to the border with the Russian Federation near Konotop propagandize “principled war against Moskals”.

“I will personally look for who from the youth hides and is afraid to go to the army,” said one of the regional leaders of Right Sector – the activist with the nickname Stetsko, “we will punish each idler and Moskal who doesn’t wish to join the ‘lifeblood of the Ukrainian army'”.

“The extraordinary appeal for military service can become for Poroshenko’s regime either a shame or a failure — whichever pleases more,” notes Dmitry Aldoshin. “The Armed forces of Ukraine endure a crisis, which can be compared to the Wehrmacht crisis of Hitler’s Germany of the times of April, 1945. Back then not only especially civilians were urgently mobilized for military service, but also students, and even primary school students. Ukraine won’t tolerate another appeal. Petro Poroshenko should know this”.

It seems that the Ukrainian President distanced himself from comments on this subject. The government in Kiev prefers not to notice the action of mothers of potential “zinc boys for the UAF”.

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