Zone of Torture and Murder: Representatives of Mariupol Open Up About the Atrocities of Azov & the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Residents of Mariupol “liberated” by Ukraine wrote a joint statement on what is really happening in the frontline city. Including, about excesses of the Ukrainian radical nationalists who, feeling their impunity, behave in the city like masters.

The statement was made during the “forum of the rescue of Mariupol”, initiated by Mariupol resident Irina Popova, which took place in the capital of the DPR. The organization was created today to rescue the residents of Mariupol, reports DAN.

Popova read the joint statement of residents of the revolting city, who report that in the zone of the local airport radicals staged tortures and murders. In particular, people are tortured with an electric current, kept for hours in freezers, and beaten. At the same time those killed during torture and shot are dropped in a hole covered by limestone.

“In our native Mariupol there is a huge number of citizens who suffered at the hands of punishers from nationalist battalions and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Hundreds of people went missing, perished, sustained injuries, suffered abuse, tortured, and raped. There is a terrible place in the city which inhabitants try to avoid. It is the airport which turned into a zone of tortures and murders. Here make also executions of citizens,” is said in the statement.

In addition, residents say that participants of the so-called ATO and fighters of nationalist battalions repeatedly raped local girls and young men in the cellar of school No. 62.

“Ukraine today not just violates human rights, but has risen to the ranks of the criminal regimes of Hitler’s Germany, Franco’s Spain, the Latin American Junta, committing crimes against humanity. We are not far off that time when a new Nuremberg tribunal prosecutes all those who are responsible for crimes in Ukraine,” summarised the authors of the joint statement.

Besides this, the participants of the forum separately considered the facts of the violation of the rights of the children of Donbass, and also the difficult economic and sociocultural situation in the territories under the control of Kiev.

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On May 21st, in Donetsk, the first “Forum of the rescue of Mariupol” began, in which participants adopted a resolution on the creation in the DPR of a public organization with the same name. Several dozens of residents of Donetsk and Mariupol who were present at the forum unanimously voted for the creation of the organization.

“We declare the creation of the public organization ‘Forum for the Rescue of Mariupol’. Also we call on all people of good will, all who aren’t indifferent about the destiny of Mariupol and many other settlements of Donbass,” stated the initiator of the forum’s holding Irina Popova.

The public organization “Forum of Rescue of Mariupol” will give help and support to residents of this city.

Irina Popova also urged residents of other cities of Donbass to join the social movement.


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